PKTactical - Parkour / Freerunning Tactical Leg Bag

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The first ever bag to truly meet the needs of the Parkour athlete.  A waist strap acts as the primary support, but the key is in the leg strap, preventing the bag from moving when attached to your body.  The bag is low profile and small enough that it won't allow the things inside it to flop from side to side either.  This will stay tight and firm with you wherever you run, roll, flip, dive, drop and fail.

Three pockets provide ample storage, yet the bag remains tight to prevent slop. Keeps things like your phone, keys, wallet and GoPro our of harms way while you run.  A key clip inside the small side pocket ensures your keys never get away.  Zipper tails are easy to grab, but don't have loops that would snag on anything.  Double stitching and edge trim ensure that this bag will last a long time no matter what.

This stealthy Parkour leg bag is made of high quality, durable black Polyester 1680D and is embroidered in 3D with the Warrior Life emblem.