Orig3n Superhero DNA Test Kit

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The Superhero DNA Test is a gene profile that reveals your unique superhero traits. From rare, above-average intelligence to physical prowess, this fun DNA test lets you tap into your hidden superpower.

  • Are you faster than a speeding bullet?
  • Do you have the mind of a super-genius?
  • Could you be extraordinarily strong – without the spinach?
Are you strong? Do you have a rare genotype found in less than 10% of the population? People who do tend to have the highest muscle strength and therefore the lowest risk of injury.
Do you have an uncanny ability to produce and understand speech and language? Are you more likely to attain a higher achievement in education?
Are you fast? Do you have the gene for a specific muscle protein that impacts the ability of skeletal muscle to produce force at high velocity? Learn if you are likely to have enhanced performance in power and sprint activities.