Tribal Warrior Beach Towel, Black and White

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This tribal artwork wrap has many elements of the warrior lifestyle:
  • Fire-breathing dragon holding an olive branch to symbolize indomitable strength and peace.
  • Aztec symbol for friendship and community.
  • Electricians symbol for ground, something that is common to all of us.
  • Viking warrior's axe.
  • Opposition of fire and water elements.
  • Ninja mask
  • Aricebo message, sent into outerspace as an attempt to describe the human form to possible alien civilizations.
  • Gears and arrows to remind us of the fundamental mechanics of movement.
  • A heart, symbolizing passion, spirit, and our love of life.
  • A light bulb representing new ideas and creativity.
  • Japanese character for strength.
  • Can you find them?

Hand drawn by Tim, co-owner of the Maine Warrior Gym

This beautiful towel is made with super-soft pure cotton. It's absorbent and lightweight, great for drying off after a leisurely dip in the sea.