"Ninja Squids" Grip Strength Training Bungees

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Increase your grip strength for all sports with the Squid Grip Strength Trainer.  Great for Ninja Warrior training, grappling, crossfit, rock climbing and physical therapy. Training grip strength on something soft and flexible is much different than training grip strength on hard rock holds, cannonballs or spring grip trainers. Flexible holds require slight movements and adjustments in your grip that helps to strengthen the smaller muscles and prepare you for any hand hold.

Attach the Squid Grip to a kettlebell, dumbbell or weight machine for lifting and training different muscles. Strengthen the pinky side (palm grip), index side (pistol grip), and forearm torsional stability with different grasp variations. Squid Grip Trainers are ideal for physical therapy, grip training, hand conditioning, muscle toning, muscle strengthening, and general fitness.

100% made in the USA, more specifically, the great state of Maine.