Pro Ninja Grip Kit

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The Pro Ninja Grip Kit is designed for American Ninja Warrior Pro athletes, but fun for kids too! 
Warrior Life Gear is the official brand of the Maine Warrior Gym and has been used by professional Ninja Warrior athletes from all over the country.

The kit includes:
Pair of 3-inch Cannonballs 
Pair of 2-inch Pistons
Pair of 1.5-inch Candlesticks
Pair of Bungee Ninja Squids

Can you make your way across the Ninja Kit? Begin training by strapping these to a dumbell or kettlebell to increase grip strength with less weight, and increase your strength until you are able to do pullups and eventually dynamic exercises.

Great for: 
Cross fit training 
Gymnastics strength training
Grappling hand training 
Power Training 
Rock climbing grip strength 
Playground and monkey bar attachment accessories
Obstacle race or American Ninja Warrior training.

These types of grips are often seen on American Ninja Warrior and other extreme obstacle courses. Compatible with Slackers Ninja Line. Also compatible with standard cable weight machines as a grip strength training attachment. Weather-resistant textured sealant makes them great for limited use outdoors too!

Grips: The grips are made of solid wood, textured with a light weather resistant texture that will provide friction while not hurting your hands. 
Bungees: 7/16" soft black bungee cord. 4 strands, 18-inches long clamped with industrial steel crimp. Polyurethane dipped ends to prevent fraying. 
Eyelets: Made of zinc plated solid steel, rated to 250 lbs each. 

MADE IN THE USA. More specifically, the great state of Maine.