Stick-It: The Parkour Card Game

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Stick-It is the world's first Parkour Card Game! Learn basic and intermediate parkour moves and skills. Stay healthy, and fit playing a game kids and adults of all ages can enjoy together.
Can you "stick" all the moves in your hand? With conditioning cards AND skill cards, this game will help you build muscle and develop skills and techniques to UP your PK game! Can you outlast your friends in a match of "5-card Stick-It" or "Battle Royale"? Or beat them through a round of "Stack Attack" or our variation on the classic Parkour game "Add-On"? Four different games to play!
30 Skill Cards 20 Conditioning Cards 6 Wild Cards 4 Instruction Cards Parkour is the art and sport of efficient movement. Learn to vault over objects, hang from bars, climb small walls, and do other amazing skills that you only see in movies.
Parkour is a difficult art, but fundamental movements can be learned by anyone and they are skills that will last a lifetime and help you always perform at the top of your game!
  • The world's first Parkour Card Game. Stick-It is designed to help you learn, train and have fun with Parkour movements any time, any place.
  • HUGE 3x5 inch cards are easy to read, durable and can be played anywhere.
  • Brought to you by Warrior Life Gear and the Parkour pros at the Maine Warrior Gym
  • Hand-drawn illustrations show the moves on each card and a description tells you how to do it.
  • Great gift for active kids, boys or girls, gymnasts or budding parkour athletes this Christmas holiday season